Technical Support

Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC provides technical support for the Janitrol, SouthWind (Stewart Warner) and C&D aircraft heater product lines. Every effort is being made to keep this information up to date, accurate and available to all but it is the responsibility of the end user to verify that appropriate information is being utilized.

The following points must be considered:

  • The information contained herein should be substantiated through FAA.GOV where Airworthiness Directives are concerned.
  • If the original equipment manufacturer has provided updated revisions to any document available in this section then that information should be referenced instead. 
  • Hartzell Engine Technologies lists and maintains all eligibility at www.Hartzell.Aero/pma/. Please refer to this site to verify any and all installation substantiation.
  • Though C&D offers alternate method of compliance (AMOC) to both AD2004-21-05 and AD81-09-09 these AMOC’s are only available through zero-time overhaul. AMOC compliance must be performed following manuals OM11000 and OM11010 (latest revision) as generated by C&D. AMOC manuals OM11000 and OM11010, are not open for distribution and may only be used with written permission from C&D Associates Inc. 


VIEW: C&D Technical Data
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VIEW: SouthWind Technical Data
VIEW: Troubleshooting

WARNING: Approval for return to service after maintenance is the responsibility of the person who performs the maintenance and who signs the record for approval for return to service.  The owner/operator is responsible for the continued airworthiness of the aircraft.  To ensure continued safety, it is essential that appropriate data is used when inspecting, testing, and determining the acceptability/eligibility of all parts and materials.For further information please refer to AC No:20-62E and 14 CFR part 43.