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C&D Associates, Inc. provides direct OEM replacements for the original Janitrol or South Wind heating units in your aircraft.

Now you can upgrade your existing heating system with 21st Century Technology. Dependability along with serviceability highlights the new series of heaters.

Notice the difference in new C&D Associates aircraft heaters from the original equipment, not only from its external design, but also in its operation. In most cases, your new C&D Associates, Inc. aircraft heater will provide more heat within your aircraft cockpit area than the predessor model. From the moment C&D aircraft heater is turned on, you will feel both consistent heat and smooth cycling.  And from outside the aircraft, you will also notice the aircraft heater exhaust pipe with little or no smoke, due to a much more efficient burn.

New C&D replacement aircraft heaters come complete with a comprehensive service manual, high output electronic ignition unit, combustion air blower (which uses a long life permanent magnetic motor), electronic temperature control switches, a 25-micron fuel filter (to eliminate any fuel contamination), and for South Wind Aircraft Heater replacements, an electric fuel pump.

Little, if any, modification is required. A simple logbook entry is all that's needed to complete your installation.

Recommended overhaul is 2000-hours. A 2000-hr/4-yr manufacturers warranty is included with all C&D Associates, Inc. aircraft combustion heaters.

Aircraft Heating System Kits:
Designed for upgrading obsolete aircraft heating systems or first time installation in your aircraft, C&D Installation kits include a complete group of materials necessary to replace the obsolete system or to install for the first time. Depending on the aircraft heating system, purchase may include, heater control switch, circuit breaker, mounting brackets, electronic thermostat, reinforcement panels, wiring, fuel line, decals and the aircraft heating unit selected. Each aircraft heating system kit comes with a complete set of FAA approved installation instructions and Supplement Type Certificate data sheet or PMA approval.

Twenty First Century Technology: 

Every heating unit incorporates the latest in engineering and technological advances which includes:

  • Electronic ignition that is designed with a more powerful spark for high altitude operation.
  • Upper limit temperature are controlled by an electronic cycling switch.
  • New mechanical overheat switches are auto resetting and more dependable.
  • New combustion air switch is used eliminating the sensing line.
  • Permanent magnetic field motors provide extended life without needing to replace brushes.
  • A 25-micron filter cleans fuel before it enters the heater eliminating particles that could contaminate the nozzle.
  • A stronger fuel solenoid has also been incorporated. 

The greatest technological advancements take place on the inside of C&D Aircraft Heating Units. Combustion tubes are reinforced to eliminate implosion and distortion. Flame tube and areas of high temperature are coated with C&D "Durakoat™ " coating. Durakoat™ has been proven to minimize the corrosive effect of the fuel air burn.

Also incorporated in the combustion tube is a specially designed mixer assembly. Fuel and air are more efficiently mixed in this chamber, plus a new type spark plug is incorporated to ignite and burn completely all combustible gases resulting in a clean burn.

AD Free Janitrol & South Wind Aircraft Heater Overhauls, Repairs and Servicing:
Janitrol aircraft heaters and South Wind aircraft heater overhauls, repairs and servicing for OEM equipment are available on an AD Free basis.  C&D Associates provides new aircraft replacement parts that will bring your equipment up to current standards and TBO times.

Aircraft Replacement Parts:
C&D Associates also provides FAA/PMA replacement parts for all Janitrol aircraft heaters and South Wind aircraft heaters.

Aircraft Heater Test Equipment:
Aircraft heater testing in the aircraft is possible without removal using C&D's complete Pressure Decay Tester (PDT's).

Educational Aircraft Products:
Operational aircraft heater mock-ups and accessory displays are available.

Aircraft Service Requirements:
Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Service Letters.

Installation or troubleshooting also available at Southwest Michigan Regional Airport (BEH), Benton Harbor,MI Hangar 13

C&D Warranty Information:
For C&D Warranty activation, please click here.

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  • RA-41411 Isolation Mount


    Bumper, Isolation... $7

  • CD29111 Fuel Pump Assembly


    Fuel Pump Assy. FAA approve... $1,450

  • CD21348


    CD21348 O-Ring... $107

  • CD21502


    CD21502 Number Plate... $30

  • CD21501 Number Plate


    Number Plate... $30

  • CD21285 Fuel Nozzle Holder


    CD21285 Fuel Nozzle Holder Ass... $1,027

  • CD21185A Fuel Pump


    Universal Fuel Pump, 7.0 PSI, ... $645

  • CD21346 Filter Replacement Kit


    CD21346 Filter Replacement Kit... $59

  • CD21340


    CD21340 Filter Assembly... $497

  • CD21255 Rotary Reostat


    CD21255 Replaces Push-Pull Cab... $110

  • CD21399 Linear Reostat


    CD21399 Switch, Control Thermo... $191

  • CD21157 Fuel Nozzle


    CD21157 Fuel Nozzle 1.75 GPH... $312

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WARNING: Approval for return to service after maintenance is the responsibility of the person who performs the maintenance and who signs the record for approval for return to service.  The owner/operator is responsible for the continued airworthiness of the aircraft.  To ensure continued safety, it is essential that appropriate data is used when inspecting, testing, and determining the acceptability/eligibility of all parts and materials.For further information please refer to AC No:20-62E and 14 CFR part 43.